2010's First Trip

Harry's break from Americorp ended on January 5th and Diana and Noel drove him back from Colorado beginning January 1st. We took a few side trips too . . . We left about noon after a fine lunch at a favorite of ours -Young's - in Fort Collins, for a motel in Kearney, NE with a pool and a hottub.

Diana in our room

Don't ya love the waffle machines in the "free" breakfast areas?

Diana and Harry eating in the motel's breakfast area

After a good rest and recreation we head to attractions along the road. A HUGE frigid air mass invades, however, and we had to abandon some we planned because of the bitter cold.

Diana and Noel outside the Archway Exhibit over I-80 near Kearney, NE

Map of indian tribe locations in the 1800s

Model in the exhibit

Another display showing example of early car travel parks

Diana resting under 50's ad

Map of the Lincoln Highway

Diana and Harry looking out windows over I-80

Look onto I-80

Indian artifacts display

Because of the cold and a pretty substantial snow, we skipped Pioneer Village and proceeded to Hastings, NE

Outside the Hastings Museum

Diana at a Squished Penny machine in the Museum

Pick you favorite flavor . . . Hasting is the home of the invention of Kool-Aid!

We found another motel (great deals this time of year), this one in Omaha, with a pool and hottub. Next day we get to Vinton, IA and Harry's "home" away from home . . .

Diana and Harry going into the building where he and his crew members cook daily meals. He may be mostly along for a day for so, so we got some groceries . . .

Pool table and couch in a relaxation area outside the kitchen

The shared kitchen

"Old Main" . . . office building

Old Main from another angle. A quite handsome building

Harry's sleeping building

Harry in front of his bunk

Diana and Noel, tearfully, leave Harry and go to a nice hotel in York, NE for the night.

Fort Cody "gift" shop in North Platte, NE

Diana at Squished Penny machine in Fort Cody

Golden Spike museum in North Platte, NE

Diana at their Squishing machine

This machines offerings

Diana and Noel mugging it in front of the Golden Spike building

And after an uneventful drive we arrive back home mid-day Monday with another fun trip, and productive, trip behind us!