A day of excess (Harry's 21st Birthday celebration. . . )

Though a week or so late, Harry, Diana and Noel embarked on a day of food and drink to celebrate his "coming of age", as this society judges it. Mostly that means the legal consumption of alcohol SO that is the day's theme. After a quick and simple breakfast (w/o alcohol) we head for a tour of the Budweiser plant north of Fort Collins.

Harry and Diana as we wait for the tour to begin

First step

. . .canning

Nicky at the display of the many varieties that are made in this plant

. . . bottling

Diana at the samples of beechwood chips

Antique Budweiser cart

A Clydsdale in training

Diana and Harry at the Budwiser tasting tables. Cheers!

Next stop is to Harry's grandparents (Noel's parents) for lunch at Gunther Toody's and birthday cake after. Everyone had a great time . . .

Next is a couple of beers at The Cheeky Monk. A very elite bar near downtown Denver with100+ Belgium beers all on tap. Amazing and great place to sample some of the great beers of the world. (Sorry, no pics :) http://thecheekymonk.com/

Then to Stranahan's whiskey distillery for a tour. (http://www.stranahans.com/) Fun! Learned a lot and, of course, got tasters :) (And Harry was gifted a bottle of fine whiskey)

First stop on the tour . . . the "mash"

A look at their custom made still

The climate controlled room and aging (in beechwood barrells) whiskey ) 2-5 years . . .

Last stop is Oscar Blues in Longmont for a wonder meal and 5 tasters from the 50+ beers on tap, about a dozen made there. We chose some VERY dark beers . . . very good; Rye Times, One Nut Brown, ODBBarleywine, Blackstrap Fever Dark Lager and Ten FIDY Imperial Stout. And Harry got a Po'Boy  - first since New Orleans. (Harry wasn't QUITE as burned out as this picture make out, btw :)