North Texas Road Trip, April 8-13, 2012

Sunday, 8th - Packed and off by 10a. Decided to take the "Kansas Route". We had hoped to make Salina in time to Squish Pennies at the zoo but didn't quite make it. Hutchison was a possible stop too (Underground Salt Mine) but too late and closed on Mondays. So, just a day of driving.

Monday, 9th - Woke in Wichita to dense fog - maybe 100ft vis - lasted all the way to Oklahoma. Only about 60*F, the thermometer says, but feels to us high-landers about 80*F for the humidity. The 80's of Texas temps is gonna be interesting . . . First stop for Penny Squishing is the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in OKC. A surly guard allowed only one without paying to just go to the machine. Diana drew the short straw & Noel waited, patiently, in the entrance. Next stop, the Science Museum of Oklahoma (oxymoron?) is a BIG, blue geodesic building and they have pretty good popcorn. . . And a squishing machine. We also, Squished at the Oklahoma History Museum. Then drove by the American Banjo Museum, reported to have a Penny Squisher, but, sadly, it's closed on Mondays. Once in the greater Dallas area we Squish at Texas Motor Speedway and Great Wolf Lodge. We then cross the metroplex to De Soto and visit with Diana's Aunt Mary Jo. Then to the motel . . .

Tuesday, 10th - We start this day with a second breakfast at Jack in the Box then on to Fort Worth and The National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. We even bought a bumper sticker in addition to Squishing Pennies. Next to the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards and the Longhorn General Store and Cowtown Coliseum. CR Smith American Airlines Museum near DFW was next. Then up to Grapevine and Legoland, Sealife and the Rainforest Café for lunch (and Squishing). Back downtown to the Dallas World Aquarium, Old Red Museum, Sixth Floor Museum at Dealay Plaza before meeting for dinner with Aunt MaryJo, Cousin Patty and Alan. Crashed after a long, fun day.

Wednesday, 11th - Decided to leave the metro area and drive a couple hours south to Glen Rose. Here are Penny Squishers at Dinosaur World, Dinosaur Valley State Park and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (which, after changing a flat tire, we decided to take a drive through). Finally for this day we find, with some difficulty, the State Fair Grounds and a Squisher at the Dallas Heritage Village. The Museum of Science and Nature was reported to have machines but, alas, have been pulled. Back to our motel and a deep night's sleep.

Thursday, 12th - We head north today toward home but with stops for Penny Squishing at the Abilene Zoo, Grace Museum in Abilene. Finally we stop in Amarillo at the Big Texas Steak Ranch to Squish. Do to a surly motel attendant we choose to continue north to Dumas before settling in for the night.


Friday, 13th - Anxious to get home, we are up early and drive straight home and arrive safe and sound a mere seven hours later. Fun times!