San Diego APA Conference April/May 2022

Wednesday, 04282022 - Planned all along to leave tomorrow morning until Noel got bored. Left after work and stayed in Eagle, CO.

Thursday, 04292022 - Early departure (yesterday) allowed us to get breakfast in Green River, UT (Tamerisk) and still made it to Vegas. Terrible motel. Drove down the Strip and was ready to leave. Won't be back soon...

UT stop at Black Dragon Along I70, a Coke town with decorated silos

Friday, 04302022 - On the road to San Diego, with some side trips.

Outta this Jerk-Water town... World's biggest Chevron station. It's on CA/NV border kinda pricey A different kinda solar energy generator in extreme eastern CA World's largest thermometer - Baker, CA First San Diego stop is Cabrillo National Monument To go to Cabrillo you must drive through a Point Loma NAS. This is a part built during WWII Also adjacent is a National Cemetery from the Visitors Center Of course we found a squisher The Cabrillo Monument (first European in CA On a Clear Day you could see these (as if San Diego is ever clear) heading to the tide pools...spotted a few. Not quite low tide. above the tidepools, look along the coast some small pools, below Gulls in formation, flying the thermals Marriot Marquis San Diego Out our Marriot's windows - San Diego Bay

Saturday, 05012022 - Highlight of each APA convention (for us) is the bus tour of the area (Most of San Diego county, this year) given by locals.

Starting at the San Diego Convention Center Gaslight District (party!) Coronado Hotel Tijuana (see the wall?) They claim to have the most murals in the conntry Beach bridges Torrey Pines beach (we revisit later) Mormon Temple low aircraft over the city (airpont on the bay) for Diana :) These wonderful tree are along the streets - everywhere. What are they called? out our hotel window

Sunday, 05022022 - Mostly conference stuff but some sightseeing in the evening.

walking and Sunday meditation in the park Interesting reflection in hotel's other tower Our visit to Torrey Pines State Beach Beachcomber Diana Photog Noel Diana and Noel Almost high tide Almost high tide Sunset just around the corner

Monday, 05032022 - All conference stuff...

Tuesday, 05042022 - Now the real vaction begins! Anzo-Borrego California State Park and Joshua Tree National Monument are the main stops.

Overlooking Borrego and desert floor At Visitors Center Diana and Noel at Visitors Center Lotsa desert hiking in Anzo-Borrego but these sculptures are special! The CA Badlands near Salton Sea Along I15 near Salton Sea Yep, we got there the day after the music ended Diana and Noel at the NW Visitors Center Skull Rock Skull Rock Oasis Ownership? Between the town of Joshua Tree and 29 Palms

Wednesday, 05052022 -Ridgecrest, CA to Kanab, UT via Death Valley National Monument and stuff (in order CA to NV to AZ to UT to AZ to UT)

333,333 just west of Death Valley some history of the area more history West side entrance to Death Valley Squisher there, too Penny squisher in main Visitors Center We planned to NOT need to fill here spotted as we pass through Vegas - weird

Thursday, 05062022 - A day of changing plans aroung Kanab, UT - lotsa stops

WHY? WHY? WHY? Grand Canyon North Rim CLOSED! Ranger locking gate driving back toward Kanab In the Coral Pink Sand Dunes Utah State Park Visitors Center Squisher there, too Noel climbed first, Diana by the car Atop a dune makin' tracks not what it seems but they had a squisher

Friday, 05072022 -

Early start home and a nice sunrise along the way