We did it again! It didn’t happen quite the way we would have planned. We’ve tried being slum lords and tried buying the ultimate fixer-upper. We hated the burden and responsibility of someone else’s home. The fixer-upper became a money pit and then providence struck. The “gentleman” holding the paper on the fixer-upper went bankrupt and allowed “our house” to be foreclosed. We were notified after it was sold at auction. So, as the tax laws require, we went looking for another house to roll our meager profits into and found a gem!

It’s small and needs some work, of course, but not too much and, best of all . . . one-hundred percent paid for!

Find us now at 210 South 2nd St., #5 , Johnstown , CO 80534

We wish to extend apologies to those that felt offended by us not extending invitations to our recently vacated home. Frankly, we were embarrassed by the stained, smelly, overstuffed house that never improved. We always thought that it could, would, improve. Circumstances forced changes. This time for the better, we believe. We look forward to sharing our new home with you . .