We'd planned a long driving trip to SW Colorado, southern Utah and extreme norther Arizona but health and other concerns changed our minds. That turned out just fine . . .

Wed July 1 - We like starting vacations immediately after work and this one is no exception. After Diana's work day was over we took in a movie - Mad Max: Fury Road (wild!) - then home to our own, comfy bed.

Thu July 2 - Great day! We learned Fall River Road, in RMNP, reopened today after damage from the 2013 flood. We took it up to over 12,000 feet and Alpine Visitor Center. What ya know? We found a squished penny machine! A quick stop in Estes Park on the way back, again, to our own beds.

Fri July 3 - Tried a soul food restaurant in Five Points area of Denver with a friend. Then to Terminator at Denver Pavillion UA (with powered recliners!). Another night in our own bed :)

Sat July 4 - Off to find our spot for the Greeley Stampede Parade. Parade starts a couple miles up the street at 9a. We set chairs at 730a & are no where near the first. Fun parade. Then lunch with Harry. Afternoon nap to make it to fireworks time at Greeley Stampede.

Sun July 5 - Great Demolition Derby! Over three hours of crashes. The final Motorhome division was a hoot!
(Notes to self: (91*F, sunny day) Sun hits seats between the 3 big sections & the first 3 rows of northern box seats. West end box seats best. Need cooling scarfs, mister, etc. Plastic water/soda bottles, snacks, etc OK)

Mon July 6 - Final day of STAYCATION & mostly did some things that are harder for Diana to get to during a regular work week. Took in Inside Out though - fun movie