Oregon, Washington, Montana trip

Fun times visiting family in Oregon and then on to sites in Washington and Montana

Friday, August 26 - leave after Diana's off work and stay the night in Rock Springs

Rental car as our Prius V was in the shop WY sunset Sunset near Sinclair, WY

Saturday, August 27 - day of travel to Pendleton, OR, for the night

Sunday, August 28 - a couple of morning stops then lunch and visit with mom (Pat) in Scappoose, OR

Columbia River traffic Mt Hood Diana and Noel and Multnomah Falls along I84 The Columbia

Monday, August 29 - a day of visiting with friends and family

Outside our motel room next door, at motel, dog supposed to be gone - we don't care

Tuesday, August 30 - another day of resting and visiting

Diana and her mom

Wednesday, August 31 - last day with family this trip

gift to Keaton from Teresa we are transporting to Colorado

Thursday, September 1 - We are back on the road. Ferry to Clinton, Deception Pass, Washington Park and more...

interesting bridge another neat bridge the corollary ferry to ours empty ramp waiting for ferry driving onto the ferry windy ondeck not so sunny today Noel figiting with camera/phone non-paying passenger we survived the crossing first stop - Fort Casey Vistors Center trail to the Sound Diana looking for a route down to the beach fancy car spied on the island Washington Park Park's donator's memorial

Friday, September 2 - onto North Cascades National Park and 1,000 Buddhas

fancy bridge The exact view Noel remembered (behind the Visitor Center) Snag remaining from the 1928 fire The Cave See-through tree Ladder Creek Falls trail - Bridge to Gardens Columbia River trying to beat the sun to see 1,000 Buddhas the usual entrance under repair

Saturday, September 3 - Glacier National Park and Great Falls sights

inside Cedar Lodge Mount Oberlin Clements Mountain Hydro-power station in Great Falls on the Missouri River The falls are naturnal with dam built behind for power One of five Great Falls on the Missouri River Day is done

Sunday, September 4 - Little Bighorn Battlefield and then home

Native American prayer cloths tied to shrub at Little Bighorn in remembrance of Indian sniper who was killer nearby