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Southern Colorado - October 9, 2008

Diana and Noel spend a this looking for Squished Penny machines and finding much more. We drove to Pueblo the previous evening so started from there on a bright, clear, high in the low 70s day. It was marvelous . . .

Woke up about 8a in a Pueblo Motel 6 (if you've follow our travels you know our affection for this chain). We'd read of a Squished Penny machine at the zoo and on the riverwalk . . .

The front of the Pueblo Zoo. It is in a very nice park. Not what we expected to find in Pueblo.

Diana at the zoo's Squished Penny machine.

A statue along the Pueblo Riverwalk dedicated to the PBR association (no, not the beer).

Diana and Noel in front of the Arkansas River, downtown Pueblo.

The Squished Penny machine along the Riverwalk. Picture is take through a window of a closed for the season gift shop. No penny today :(

From Pueblo we drive to Canon City and a Squished Penny Machine at Royal Gorge. This was NOT a great experience. We could not get to the machine without paying admission. After much deliberation we decided to pay the $24 for Diana to go in to the gift shop and get the Squished Pennys. Three machines are there HOWEVER only two worked correctly. A third was to have three different designs of which only one worked and it was printed crooked. We will never be back to Royal Gorge . . .

Entrance to Royal Gorge Bridge "attraction".

Aerial Tramway crossing Royal Gorge.

The Arkansas river below Royal Gorge Bridge.

Next is a very unexpected trip between Canon City and Cripple Creek. Phantom Canyon is the road we chose. Thirty One mile that took over two hours to drive. We did make a couple of stops for pictures but that didn't total over ten minutes . . .

The road along Phantom Canyon . . .

Diana and Noel in front of the golden leafed Aspens of Phantom Canyon.

This road is one of several that are called The Gold Loop

Northen end of Phantom Canyon

Kine in the open range

Picture of the road we are traveling as shown on Diana's phone's GPS. The white circle is "us".

Chip with his leaf collection from Phantom Canyon.

Next are the two Squished Machines in the Cripple Creek area.

Water tower at Cripple Creek narrow gauge railway.

Squished Penny machine in the gift shop.

Squished Penny machine that is stored in a back room of the Cripple Creek KOA. A worker plugged it in for us and it worked great!

We wind, though it is all paved now and not so windy as Phantom Canyon, down from nearly 10,000ft. to Colorado Springs' 6,000ft. We are able to get to two Squished Penny machines that were are closed attractions the last time we tried.

In downtown Colorado Springs is the Pioneer Museum. We learned that Zebulon Pike estimated "Pike's Peak" at over 18,000ft. The next survey team had it near 11,000ft. It now is measured at 14,115ft.

Diana at the Pioneer Museum's Squished Penny machine.

Mining Museum near the Air Force Acadamy.

Diana at their Squished Penny machine.

After a stop for dinner we have a quiet drive back to Johnstown. A beautiful day for a wonder trip.