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Picking up the Squished Penny pieces - October 11, 2008

We took off late morning from Johnstown to get some of the greater Denver area Squished Pennies we've miss in previous travels. First stop is in Parker, CO.

Rug at the entry to the Wildlife Experience.

Diana and our day's first Squished Penny machine.

Our next stop was to be at Denver International Airport but we then learned that it is on Concourse B. You napleeed a boarding pass to get there. Maybe Harry can get it for us on his upcoming San Diego trip. We then go to the new Stapleton shopping center across I-70 from the old Stapleton airport. It has the newest (and largest) Bass Pro Shop and our next Squished Penny machine. No picture of the machine as Noel was busy at there laser gun shooting gallery . . .

The world's largest Bass Pro Shop.

Now across town we go to the coolest place to have an eight year old's birthday party (right Harry?) - Casa Bonita! Really bad food but fun time for the kid at heart.

Casa Bonita!

Diana retreving Squished Penny from the machine.

Two of the player in the "show". Both, eventually, are pushed into the water :)

On down Colfax to Colorado Mills and the next Squished Penny Machine. Noel liked this machine's Squished Penny's in particular. They are of the Denver Skyline, the Rockies outline, the Colorado State Animal and the Colorado State Bird.

Entrance number two to Colorado Mills

Diana at the machine.

Moving westward we next stop at the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Diana and Noel outside the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Diana making her Squished Penny.

You may have noticed in the pictures that it has been overcast and sprinkling rain this day. We next make the drive up Lookout Mountain and into the clouds for a very foggy drive. At the top is the next machine . . .

This way to Buffalo Bill's Grave. Or is the body actually in Cody, WY?

The gift shop at Buffalo Bill's Grave and the location of the Squished Penny machine.

Just inside the gift shop.

Diana at the Squished Penny machine with Buffalo Bill posters on the wall behind.

A map of the area.

Final Squished Penny stop is at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Statue of CCC worker on path to Visitor Center at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

The Visitor's Center was closed to the "public" but we kinda snuck in.

Diana watching the Penny get Squished.

DIA and Denver's Downtown Aquarium is the only Squished Penny's left for us to make in Denver metro area. We finished off a fun day with a nice dinner with friends (Miriam and Vince) at Chez Thuy in Boulder. Fun, fun, fun . . .