Anniversary trip to Eastern Kansas and Southeast Colorado - 2011

A couple weeks late, we take a driving trip to celebrate and to find more squished pennies. Excitement and disappointment but mostly fun . . .

Thursday November 10 - Diana leaves work a couple hours early so we have a nice dinner at one of her favorite places (Macaroni Grill) and still make the drive to Goodland, KS before 9p.

Friday November 11 - Off about 8a for a day filled with surprises. . .

First stop is a "Truck Oasis" in Colby, KS. This is their visitor center with a Kansas "style"

Hawk cruising the parking lot

No oasis is complete without palm trees - even metal ones

. . . and a metal parrot

Diana at their squisher

Picture of this machines die

Active windmill along our travels

The Keyhole at the Chalk Monuments

Diana standing in the keyhole

An oil pump on the prairie behind the monuments

Another look at the sandstone towers

We were alone except for a guy that stopped for just a minute and took our picture . . . weird

Our self portrait in front of the rocks

The Camel formation

A view against a blue sky

The Camel and another formation

A leaning monument

More sanstone towers

Wren nests (or giant wasps?)

Diana supporting the leaning spire

A typical Kansas hayfield

Another look

And another

Yet another

even more . . .

A hay roll and tractor

Silhouetes entering Dodge City, KS

Entrance to Boot Hill

Historic Front Street

Diana and squishing machine

The three dies at this machine

An old one armed bandit that now gives souvenier tokens

Diana at Sante Fe Trail signs outside Dodge City

Some of the wagon ruts from the 1800's

Diana in front of the Garden City Zoo entrance

Jewelry from the gift shop but the Squished Penny Machine was gone :(

Diana in a tornado machine. Only $2 to feel 78mph winds . .

Our hot tub room

Saturday November 12 - Back to Colorado; a stop at an Indian Museum in La Junta; visit to Bead It! in South Denver and then home about 6p. Fun time had by all!

Building made of petrified logs

We were ATTACKED by tumbleweeds!

Indian Museum in La Junta, CO

The squishing machine . . .


Diana at Bead It! during a Lisa Pervelco class