Eastern New Mexico and Southwest Texas trip - December 23-30, 2022

Weld County day off Friday 12/23 so we started for parts south for a week.


Friday, 23rd - dropped off PrettyBoy to boarding, packed the car and drove to Las Vegas, NM

Our Las Vegas motel. It's OK

Saturday, 24th - stops in Fort Sumner (Billy the Kid's Museum - closed), Roswell and spent the night in Carlsbad, NM

historical marker along the road Closed for Noel's bday (Xmas eve) - squisher inside Closed - squisher inside finally an open place with 2 squishers they wouldn't let us help Carlsbad Desert Garden and Zoo State Park open but squisher broken. They had some squished pennies to buy, though book for sale that Harry had as a kid

Sunday, 25th - stopped by a weird motel, Guadalupe Mountain National Monument, movie and 2nd night in Carlsbad

Weird set up but neat and clean looking interesting info. We'll do it tomorrow Javalina roadside. Also saw an Elk, bighorn sheep and bear (last 3 were roadkill) invasive Misletoe WTF? Yep. Nipple Peak another WTF drive under? Saw Puss'n'Boots

Monday, 26th - started with car problem, then by squishing pennies, Carlsbad Cavern National Park, more squishing, Ft Davis and on to our motel in Alpine,TX

car problems? Ignore it! Ranger takes us down 750ft racist roadside historical monument (well, it is TX)

Tuesday, 27th - Terlingua Ghost Town and into Big Bend National Park

always an early start Statue of Liberty? Diana and Noel along the Rio Grande River - canoeing it look great! busiest week of the year but only delay was here, Chisos Visitor Center Campers wine from the Vistors Center? one of many huge exhibits in the dinosaur museum stop

Wednesday, 28th - a fun trip in and out of Mexico and other Rio Grande overlooks

Thursday, 29th - Clovis, NM to visit Diana's grandparent graves

2nd row over and 18 markers in from this sign (facing south) blustery day Grandparents home in the 70s and 80s alley access

Friday, 30th - Raton, NM to Greeley, CO...Yay!