Bend, Olympia and Seattle - December 2012

So, we noticed by taking three days of leave Diana could get ten days of uninterrupted days off so…off to the Great NorthWest we head. To set up this trip we arranged a visit with Diana parents in Bend and bought an '09 Toyota Prius (to replace the totaled '07 one) a couple of days before we leave. Friday afternoon we charge off to Ogden, UT then to Bend the next evening. We spend the next couple of days (Noel's bday and Christmas morning) with them in Bend and then off to squish some pennies.

Tuesday 25th - We had a nice breakfast with parents at the Black Bear (same as our Fernley, NV favorite) then on to Tumwater, WA for the night. Along the way is a Squishing Machine . . .

Wednesday 26th - Today our primary goal is Olympia National Park but along the way we see some great scenes, travel through some interesting towns (including Forks, WA of Twilight fame) and Squished some pennies. Dinner was in a delightfully folksy Italian restaurant in Aberdeen, WA.

Thursday 27th - Now we find Squishers in earnest. Olympia, then a stop by a giant, normally internet, bead store, on to Seattle then a late night drive to Yakama for the night.

Friday 28th - Yakima to Ogden today with a Squisher sidetrip.

Saturday was the home leg; Ogden to Johnstown and was largely uneventful. We did stop for dinner with Harry in Fort Collins and sharing items we thought were just "him" purchased along the way. A great eight days together . . .