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Diana and Noel's Handfasting in Las Vegas - October, 2006


We were married in Greeley, CO sometime in October of 2006 ($10 but you have to get there before 4p) but we "joined" on October 29, 2006. A completely private ceremony. We did many of the touristy things of Las Vegas, gambled a whole $20 and took in several shows. Our camera was "crushed" in the luggage on the flight to Las Vegas so these pictures are from our camera-phone except for the ones at the Cirque du Soleil show that we bought from them, taken before the show.

Billboard from the first show we saw. Folliege Berge. The oldest continuous show in the world.

Diana in our rental convertible.Diana in our rental convertable.

Noel in the rental . . .

The MGM hotel (not ours)

Jordie's visor and other Star Trek artifacts in the Hilton's museum.

Enterprise on ceiling of the museum.

Klingons. . .

Noel in front of display

The Borg

Noel in Ceaser's Palace.

Juggler in the Rio

"Sky" float in the Rio

Stage show in Rio

More of the show . . .

Harley out of the front of a hotel on the strip

Front of the Venitian

Lazer eyes are actually the Bellagio Fountains

Treasure Island show

More of the TI show

Bow of the ship during of the TI show

Diana and Noel in front of Mirage "volcano"

Diana and Noel with fire in the background

The "volcano"

Lava flowing . . .

Statue in front of Ceasar's Palace

Ceiling inside the Palace

In the Palace

Diana in front of a fountain in Ceasar's Palace

Diana and Noel in front of fountain in Ceaser's

Diana and Noel in front of a statue of Artemis

Artemiz (Diana)

Diana and Noel in rental convertable

Diana and Noel in strip Wedding Chapel (for pics)


and another

Diana's bouquet and ring

The Paris hotel

"Balloon" outside the Paris hotel

Roller coaster at New York, New York

In the show Zumanity

Another in Zumanity

Taken before the show

. . . before the show