Independence Day Weekend - 2010

We started with the Greeley Stampede Parade on Saturday.

Percheons pulling a load

Giant, super powered, little red wagon

Dance troupe

Grocery cart drill team

Energetic dancing Jews

Witch's cart


After a nap we could decide what to do, stay in and watch the Rockies or go to Denver. Then the power went out so so did we. Civic Center Park in Denver to listen to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, light show on the Denver City/County Building with fireworks to follow shot from the building. Cool!

We lucked into nice "seats" in the grass behind a garden

Closer view of band shell

Diana and Noel looking west

Denver Art Museum from our seats

Downtown skyline with sun setting

Mayor Hickenlooper speechin'

Cool hat!

Concert starts and so does light show

. . . color changes with each piece

Lights on the spire

Another light change . . .

. . . and another

. . . yet more

a closer look

. . . others

Fire fountains begin during 1812 Overture

. . . joined by rooftop fireworks!

on to Stars and Stripes Forever

Fireworks continue after concert

. . . with color changes . . .

another example . . .

more . . .

. . . and more

The Grand Finale starts . . .

Marvelous first year at the Civic Center