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President's Day Weekend trip to Colorado Springs, CO 2/15-16/2009

Diana got Monday off and we had two major Squished Penny attractions to pick-up in Colorado Springs, so after a wonderful Valentine's Day to ourselves on Saturday, we headed off about 9a Sunday morning. A beautiful day for a three hour drive we started the weekend at a hot springs resort between Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Rather run down but the water was 100*F or so and an hour soak proved to be enough for us in the bright sun.

Back north toward Colorado Springs we went to the overly advertised Seven Falls! Noel has been in Colorado since 1981 but never had gone to this attraction. Largely because it seemed to be a very over hyped tourist attraction that was way too costly, it seemed like a bad idea. However, since it does have two Squished Penny Machines we now had to visit. We were both very surprised with the overall experience and our AAA discount made it affordable. Well worth the time, money and effort . . .

Welcome to Seven Falls

One of the dozen or so "named" rock formations - George Washington

. . . if your heart and legs are strong :)

Diana in front of the gift shop

First Squished Penny Machine with Diana "cranking it"

Diana and Noel in front of . . .

. . . the cave entrance to the elevator!

Top of the elevator (or stairs) is the second Squished Penny Machine

Diana looking down the stairs and up the box canyon

Diana and Noel with the canyon behind

All Seven Falls at once. Count them?

The top several falls

For nature lovers only!

After Seven Falls we took in a movie (He Just Isn't That In To You - we give it 3 out of 5 "Coral Bridesmaid Dresses") and dinner then to turned in early at the Motel 6 :)

Monday we rose about 7a and started the day with a load of waffles at the local Waffle House. Next the only other Squished Penny machines in the Colorado Springs area we hadn't visited: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This is a wonderful zoo with mainly the basic animal we all love to visit a zoo for and they continue to improve the way we see them. A great day with great weather!

Diana in front of a clever display for voting on one's favorite conservation project

First things first! One of four Squiched Penny Machines Diana finds just inside the entrance to the zoo

Looking onto the "Giraffe Field"

Diana feeding a giraffe

"Here's lookin' at ya, kid"

Just hangin' around. . .

From the "Giraffe Field" walking, overlooking downtown Colorado Springs

Looking for another handout


Tapir 2

Pronghorn hoping for leftovers

Long neck bird


On up the walkway, looking back over the "Giraffe Field"

Long legged bird


Noel, looking dapper

Diana entering the Australia area

Diana feeding a small bird (seed on the stick)

The line up . . .

Another bird feeding

Pretty bird

Love birds

One of the many birdhouses


Peacock preening

Looking about . . .

Asian animal entry

Tiger (duh?)

Rocky's hadbitats

Diana and Noel with the plains behind


. . . closer . . .

North American River Otter

Cougar. Well, Mountain Lion

. . . asleep . . .


Wolf (the just been thrown fresh meat :)

A learning center

Diana and Noel with butterfly sculpture behind

Sad Diana between Out-Of-Order Squished Penny machines :(


. . . preening

. . .grey beard . . .

Pair of Pythons (under the heat lamp :)

Penguins galore!

Two penguins walked into a bar . . . the second one should have been paying attention (lol)

for Harry :)

a hippos nose(s) "under the tent"?

Komodo Dragon

Outside the "tent"

Happy again, Diana found another Squished Penny machine :)

Tiny monkey . . .

"Not all the monkey's are in the zoo. Eveyday you meet quite a few. . . ."

The old man

The old man's feet . . .


and lazy :)

Positive reinforcement training . . .

. . . more training

The Colorado plains and Colorado Springs through there play yard

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep

very LOUD bird

preparing to flight off?

I don't think so . . .

Do they ever get squashed?


Diana says a last, "GoodBye" to the giraffes

After a wonderful morning into afternoon we headed back north and home with memories, pennies and pictures . . .