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mini-Blizzard of Spring 2009

The snow had started in the night and the wind was mighty strong. A blizzard alert was in effect until Friday morning. We left for Windsor a tad early and got there by 8a but it was getting heavier and winds made visibility about 50ft. Noel's trek back to Johnstown wasn't so great. A couple of spin outs just in front of him end in the field or ditch. He ended with front wheels over the curb avoiding a car going sideways just ahead. He was able to just back the Camry into the street again and made it home safe.

Normally Noel meets Diana for lunch at 1130a in Windsor but the weather forecast was for it to only get worse as the day went on so Diana took 1/2 a day off and Noel picked her up at noon and we headed back to Johnstown. The normal 16min trip was about 45min each way now with visibility down to about 20ft with the blowing snow. We stopped at the local market on the way home and found that everyone else that lived in Johnstown had too! Everyone was joking and smiling and getting ready to be snowed in.

As it turns out the blizzard slowly decreased the rest of the day but we didn't care as we made guacamole and watched TV and snuggled in bed for the rest of the afternoon and was ready for Friday. It started out overcast but warmed nicely. Noel got the shoveling done and Colorado quickly melted its way back to normality.

After one pass with the snow shovel

Same path - house to car