April 2018 New Orleans APA Conference

Our first major trip since "the accident". We found that New Orleans is a walking city and that doesn't fit with our recovery levels very well yet. Driving and seeing was good but we didn't get to do or see all we wanted to. It isn't a very handicapped-friendly city, either. After leaving Diana's APA conference and driving to Avery Island, LA, Galveston Island, TX and visiting family in DeSoto, TX went much better.

Thu/Fri, April 19-20 - A nice drive from Johnstown to New Orleans - just gets greener and greener. Western Louisiana reminds me, very much, of Iowa.

Nice night in Shevreport NOLA model in our hotel Wyndam Garden New Orleans Hotel's interior French Quarter traffic Quarter tour

Sat, April 21 - APA Conference Start

Conference Center Line Up

Sun, April 22 - APA Orientation Bus Tour

Tour guides A common sight - balcony breakfast New construction between old Base of removed Confederate statue Beignet stop Moss laiden tree Park structure Restaurant entertainment Mississippi Lighthouse Famous graffiti One of many cemeteries Sculpture near Saints Stadium Fleet's In

Mon, April 23 - APA Conference

In the vendor area Another booth Outside a hotel Outside a hotel Following a trolly

Tue, April 24 - Conference ends, short tour of the French Quarter, then to the bayou.

Diana at a Bead Shop Fluer-De-Lis tatoo on Meter Maid Jackson Square On the Mississippi Diana and Noel with Jackson Square behind Riverboat Riverboat Monument along the river Cafe DuMonde Penny Squisher in the cafe $2 for 3 Beignets Diana at out table Yum! Art for sale along Jackson Square Sign on Jackson Square fence Diana and Noel Jackson Brewery Penny Squisher in brewery no it's not... Along the way More weirdness Souvenior shop Squisher in shop Bubba Gump Gump squisher Jean Lafitte National Monument In the Visitor Center NOLA map

Wed, April 25 - Avery Island.

Tabasco Museum by/buy the gallon! Jungle Gardens gift shop Gator display Diana at their squisher Options (we get them all) Live Oak leaf (really) Moss on Live Oaks Moss on Live Oaks Moss on Live Oaks Moss on Live Oaks new bamboo Cleveland Oak Buddha area Archway to Buddha Diana and Noel at the shrine Wisteria Arch Bird City Snowy Egrets Bad-ass birds at the island's bridge/exit Homes near Avery Island Another example Too tall bridge on our way to Texas

Thu, April 26 - Galveston Island, TX

Gulf coast resort homes Gulf coast resort homes Gulf coast resort homes Gulf coast resort homes Gulf coast resort homes Pelicans in formation Break into Gulf Diana and Noel with Gulf Following us As we drove on the beach hitchhiker Diana combing for shells Dive bombing birds Pleasure Pier Galveston cemetery Galveston cemetery

Fri, April 27 - We drive from Galveston to DeSoto, TX to visit with some of Diana's relatives and spend the night with her Aunt MaryJo. A great visit, dinner and gift of some old pictures she had. First pics are from that evening. The second set are the old pictures she gave Diana. If you have additional information about the subjects in the pics (names, dates, activity) please let us know.

1976Mark9yr AtTheChuckwagonWhenIStartedToWork Joseph and Mary Hamilton with Mary Jo and Gidget Pat(Hamilton)Lonergan Pat(Hamilton)Lonergan Blank4 Pat and Ed Blank6 Joe and Mary Hamilton (grandma and grandpa) Pat (Hamilton) Lonergan in nurse uniform Blank9 Diana and Mom and Brian Joe and Mary with kids James, Pat, and Mary Jo Blank12 Pat(Hamilton)Lonergan Mary Hamilton (grandma) Dec251953 DevelopedMay1960 DevelopedMay1960b DevelopedSep1948 Diana1976 Diana1977 DianaAge2 DianaAge6 DianaLouiseMillsHosp522a8lb7oz20.5in JoettaMarieMarch1960 June1974ClovisNM June1974LonerganFamily June1974PatsBday MarkTimothyMillsHospJuly2119679lb22in OrrStudioLubbock

Sat, April 28 - Long haul day, all the way home - DeSoto, TX to Johnstown, CO - in one day (14hrs).