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May 22, 2008

At 1148a Noel receives a text message from Diana. "We are being evacuated to the basement. No power." So it begins . . .

It becomes a scary day for Diana and those that are wondering what is going on. Fortunately Noel and Diana were able to stay in contact via text message for the next two hours of terror. Later it's learned that it's a tornado of EF3+ level (135mph or more). Power was lost in Evans, where Noel was, so he listened on the car radio while sitting in the car, and gave Diana updates of what was being reported by a Windsor radio station to her via text. Post devastation pics below.

Along Walnut St., about 1st St. as Noel goes to pickup Diana.

Walnut and 2nd St. Note church steeple.

Along Walnut St. . .

Windsor Townhall. Car on left is being pulled off fallen tree. This morning this building from this angle was almost impossible to see because of tree cover.

Across 3rd St. from Townhall. . .

Looking east from doorway at townhall. This was a 40ft tall pine tree.

Roots from that same tree.

Scott, Mat and Curtis removing debris.

Section of townhall roof.

Front office. Window was left open.

Look northeast from townhall.

Broken windows and missing shingles on house across street north.

Roof section missing on third floor above men.

Look across giant pine tree that's now down.

Another uprooted tree.

City park devistation.

Employees car . . .

Another employees house - across street from townhall.

Another angle of same house.

Around the corner with townhall in the background.

City park by rollerblade rink.

40-50ft pine crashed over new addition to this house.

Toppled gazebo along 1st St.

This isn't the worst of the tornado damage by any means. One man died in a camp ground a couple miles away. The beginning of it all was softball sized hail. The end is not yet known . . .

Here a PDF file created by the Town of Windsor with data provided by Weld County that shows the path of THE tornado and it's strikes. Damage_Report.pdf