Visiting Fossils

Fri 5/26 - Left Colorado about 2p and drive to our usual stop - Motel6 Evanston, WY

Sat 5/27 - Tue 5/30 - Visit with folks in Bend. Plant some flowers, kill weeds, visit doctor, drive up Pilot Butte.

Ed, Pat and Diana on Pilot Butte Noel peaking in with Ed and Pat Ed, Pat and Diana examining the mountain locator Mt. Hood in the distance from Pilot Butte

Wed 5/31 - Fantastic drive to John Day National Monument. Most complete fossil history from 65 million to 3 million years ago. Very well done! Boise, ID for her night.

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One of several Shoe Trees we saw

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Thu 6/1 - Hagerman National Monument fossils, in Idaho, are possibly the most widely distributed fossils in the world. It's a horse from 50 million years ago. Golden Spike National Monument represents the joining of coasts on May 10, 1869. Found a Penny Squisher here, too!

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- bird in the Vistor Center's rafters THE last tie laid to connect east and west coast - - Diana and Noel with Jupiter behind The original monument

Logan River tributary swelling... ...over the walk The spring that is the source of this tributary Moose! strolling along the roadside

Fri 6/2 - Fossil Butte National Monument in the morning. It represents but one epoch in history but have the most spectacular variety and complete fossils anywhere. Home by 6p!

- - - bat fossil and recreation - Fossil Butte