Keaton's Birthday Party - July 25th, 2009

Mark and Julia hosted Keaton's party at their new home in Fort Collins. Lot of their friends and family were invited as Keaton doesn't have many of his own friends yet.

. . . with some browser's this is showing a movie . . .

Keaton unwrapping presents.

Aunt Diana and Keaton with new locomotive

Keaton standing at his Thomas the Tanker Engine setup

Keaton's favorite color crayon is whatever is in his hand

Aunt Diana shows Keaton a new T-Shirt present

Keaton and dad working on another package

Keaton playing with new truck. One of his 20 or so words

Keaton laughing, as usual :)

Dad watching Keaton and his new presents

Dad intruducing Keaton to the the finer point of wit

Keaton and dad examining the contents of a new treasure trove