St Helens, OR trip-July 24-31, 2023

Monday July 25 - Greeley to Boise

PrettyBoy knows he's going to the Cat Motel

Tuesday July 25 - Boise to St Helens

Mornin has broken somewhere in Idaho Austin-Healy Sprite (60s, I think) Not Pizza Rat but birds 1st stop is seeing mom at Solomia

Wednesday July 26 - in and around St Helens


Thursday July 27

Good Morning! meal time

Friday July 28

along the Columbia Veteran's Park

Saturday July 29 - heading to Colorado

Superman's place

Sunday July 30

Highlander (as the sign out front) or Wagon Wheel Inn, Ft Bridger, WY huh?

Monday July 31

home and all is finally blooming