Wellington Lake - August 5-9, 2009

Never before have I (my third year) nor Diana (her twelfth year) experienced such wonderful weather for this festival week in August. Highs about 80*F and lows around 50*F. NO RAIN after Wednesday! Wellington Lake was extra cold (we couldn't get past our belly-buttons) but a small price to pay for such wonderful weather. For us it was as much a dressing down trip for our NuWa (we learned it's pronounced "New-Way"). It passed with flying colors. About 7mpg up and 8mpg down (expected about 6mpg average) and able to maintain the speed limit on the flats. Even up the long climb of US285 to Conifer, never slower than 35mph. The microwave we picked up from Freecycle worked great with the built-in generator so we had microwave popcorn, too!

We attended some very enlightening seminars and Diana learned a couple new crafting techniques. All and all a fun time had by all . . .

Our Nu-Wa at campsite (just north of Main Meadow)

Community Center with Wellington Lake behind.

Hummingbird at the feed outside our Nu-Wa window.

Triplets feeding . . .

Another angle . . .

Moonset over the mountains.

Moonset through tree branches.

View outside the NuWa's door.

Diana watching moonset.

Breakfast bagels

Diana and Noel (almost) with feeder behind.