Eclipse Journey to Oregon

Travels to and from the totality line near Prairie City, OR and side trips

Thursday, August, 17 2017

Stops along the way to and near Bend, OR

Monday, August, 21 2017

Prarie City, OR

Diana with her Eclipse Monocle Ranch along where we watched the eclipse Another post pinhole projection Diana and Noel at our spot Another projection Projection from Diana's fingers Early pic Totality! Charging water and stones Pre Eclipse Sun on horizon

Eclipse 2017

Great, miscellaneous posts

Our eclipse location Denver's partial eclipse info Planets to look for Stars to look for Diana's eclipse leave APPROVED special menu at Black Bear in Bend - prices jacked up 30 percent or more I25 in Colorado and Wyoming PSA from presentation at Johnstown library nearby eclipse stats on its way Teresa's wild pair path of historical eclipses in N. America