Central Wyoming - Labor Day weekend 2014

A fun filled three days! Saturday Diana spent the bulk of the day at a Polymer Clay class and learned some new techniques. We then spent the evening driving to Casper, WY to a Motel 6 and resting the night for the two busy days to follow.

We noticed a museum near our motel devoted to the trails through the area that helped populate the west with white men. The ranger was extremely nice and helped us get a National Park Pass - for free! as Diana is a Army vet - good for life! That saves us $55 annually. Our next stop was to the Tate Museum to squish pennies. It said on the door the museum is closed Sundays but we saw the door was ajar and went in. The machine was just inside the door. No one was around. No answer to our calls. We squished and left after our first B&E. Next to Fort Casper where the attendant broke open the machine to sell us $20 in quarters. Cool! Then off to Thermopolis, with stops along the way...

Next we found a Hot Springs spa with a half dozen indoor and outdoor pools and two tall slides. After soaking and playing for awhile we walked the boardwalks and got another set of pennies squished.

Along WYO120 we saw a sign to "Legend "Rock" and took the 12 mile detour to a fantastic find. The road ends at a small log build with an older lady sitting in an easy chair waiting to tell us all about this special place. It is privately funded and owned but no charge to partake. She told us about the petroglyphs and how he shaman, down through the ages, cleansed themselves in the hot waters to the south (now Thermopolis) and the north (Yellowstone NP) and came here to learn from the worlds found through the portals found along this wall of rock. Ancients for at least 11,000 years have pecked representations of the entities they saw in the varnish of the rocks. A fascinating place. The grafitti places on the rock in the last 50 years has been removed, btw.

On to Cody for the night and our last two squishers for this trip.

Picture of the pennies from this trip and the cover of a new book for them.

A mystery, of sorts, popped up on the trip home. Hundreds of signs (two varieties pictured below) seem to be randomly posted along Wyoming roads. If you Google "Wyoming roads L signs" you get several blogs with several theories. Some say they are for "Marshall Law", some say it may have to do with the imminent explosion of Yellowstone NP. Ideas?

The WY DOT site says they are for the painting crews to know how to mark the yellow lines on the roads. Believe them?