Badlands of South Dakota and more, September, 2018

A short trip to see some old favorites, to squish some pennies and find new sites.

Friday - Greeley to the Chadron Motel Grand

A quick stop by Scott's Bluff NM but too late for the road to the top Conestoga display in front of Visitors Center

Saturday - drive into South Dakota via Wounded Knee and Badlands National Monument from south to northeast to west and on to Rapid City

Seen in Chadron as we leave town Somewhere in South Dadota Sunflower fields of SD and the roadside version, too So beautiful - rare in Colorado since ethanol boom Wounded Knee tribute continued Southern Visitors Center Fossil trail Another marker Diana and Noel with fossil walk behind Diana learning about Epoch layers

Sunday - home via sights of Rapid City, Keystone and Hot Springs for penny squishing (with a stop at Baskin and Robins in Cheyenne

Yep. Two big chunks of it in a Rapid City park Diana reading one of many info boards Diana and Noel in front of wall chunks Diana and the wall The pieces with tank stoppers Actual sign (English, Russian, French and German?) One of many President's statues in downtown Rapid City The Plunge Hot Springs, SD It's pool Another angle Diana squishing in the gift shop Mammoth Dig Site Diana and Noel with fossils behind Only 50,000 years old (The fossils, not Diana) Diana squishing