Visits to Colorado and Utah parks and Keystone Planning Conference - September 4-10, 2021

Saturday Sept, 4 - dropped off PrettyBoy to boarding at Sheepsdraw and on to Grand Junction Motel 6 for the night. Luckily Glenwood Canyon mudslide didn't close I-70 today.

Sunday Sept, 5 - First to Colorado National Monument. Next, lunch at Tamarisk, in Green River, UT and then on to Goblin Valley State Park. Next two nights at Green River Motel 6.

See all 6 kittens? that's a lot of Gin berries Fruita, CO in the distance comemorates the deaths, on that curve, of workers making the west side accesible

the Monitor and the Merimack on the road to Hanksville, UT scenic views identified in a cool way just sight through the pipe store in Hanksville passageway in rear of store

Monday Sept, 6 - Today we visit Dead Horse Point State Park and then Canyonlands National Park. Dinner at Tamarisk (of course) and Motel 6.

road into Dead Horse Point desolate... Diana squishing pennies in Visitor's Center Yurts for rent

Diana's sun protection we (barely) survived the hike to Mesa Arch Noel after the hike into Moab and Diana found a squisher ...or two

Tuesday Sept, 7 - Arches National Park today (before sunrise). Park entrance closed (due to volume) by 11a; probably much earlier. Night in Glenwood Springs Cedar Lodge.

sunrise over Arches NP 1st stop is Sand Dune Arch (Noel's fav) ...finds a way Turkey Vultures Delicate Arch South Window (or, maybe, Turet Arch) Double Arch Willow Rd. Finally alone Balanced Rock

Wed, Thu and Fri Sept, 8-10 - Keystone Planning Conference and home for PrettyBoy Friday afternoon.

Aspens starting to turn Glenwood Canyon mudslide area