Ed and Pat Lonergan's Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Ed and Pat celebrate their fiftieth anniversary on September 13th, 2009 and we make the trip to help set up and celebrate too. It was a quick trip - arriving Saturday mid-day and leaving about 5p Sunday to return to Colorado. The celebration had been in the planning for nearly a year, being officially hosted by their four offspring, Brian, Diana, Mark and Teresa. The event was beautiful and all of the nearly 150 attendees ate and laughed and clapped and, most of all, congratulated Ed and Pat on their significant accomplishment.

Along a roadside in a small Idaho town off I-84

Dad, Brian and cousin Jim standing around solving world problems Saturday evening

Julia cake making Saturday

Ed examining the box the gift from Diana came in

Pat's first peek inside

Ed and Pat marveling over Diana's clock gift

Diana explaining some of the details of the clock she made

Kitchen prep . . .

Pat examining Diana wasp sting recieved while decorating the hall Sunday morning

Table being expertly decorated

Teresa directing the huddled masses

Keaton being shy

The head table awaiting the others

The head table watching the dancers file through

The head table watching on

The Rabbi "blowing his horn"

Dancers in their circle

Guests of Honor encircled by dancers

Ed and Pat enjoying the sight from within

Pat and Ed standing in the circle

. . . and happy to be together . . .

Diana and Brian looking on with high emotion

Ed and Pat as Salt Ceremony begins

The mingling of the salt

Share of "the juice"

Ed partaking

Ed and Pat partake of the bread

Ed and Pat listening to the Rabbi's words

Ed describing "life with Pat"

Admiring the cakes

The "brides" cake (made by Julia) with topper from fifty years ago

Mark's toast

Teresa's toast

A friends remarks

Teresa and Sean looking on

Maida's remarks

Ed and Pat cut the cake

. . . it takes awhile . . .

Julia cuts the "groom's" cake for guests

Diana helps Julia serve cake to all

. . . a well wisher talks with Ed

Maida and Mary Jo

. . . the pieces waiting to be claimed

Mom with Doug and Anne

. . . and other conversations

Ed chats, too

The Rabbi (black hat) and family

The cake that remains

Some additional pictures are available at these links - Diana's gift clock - Taken by the Pro-Photographer - Lonergan Family History