Elk Bugling Festival in Estes Park - October 4, 2009

Neither Diana or I had been feeling 100% for several days. Diana had missed a day and some of work so we'd been laying low. We decided on Sunday we should get out for a bit and perhaps that might help raise our spirits. It probably wasn't a great idea but we did get some more Squished Pennies!

Diana and Noel outside our first stop

No pics allowed inside . . . :(

. . . but with cell phone cameras, who's to know?

Diana at the next Squished Penny machine down Elkhorn St.

This machines offerings.

Diana finds our 3rd machine of the day

. . . and what it "squishes"

Diana at machine number four

Three more dies available here

Our fifth, and last, machine of the day

This one has four selections available

An injured wolf being shown by "Wolf Rescue" in the park as part of "Elk Bugling Festival"

Stand of people listening to elk calls

A picture through a doorway of a picture of a doorway on a wall

Where we lunched. Just OK, btw