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Denver Downtown Aquarium

Diana and Noel spent a couple of fun hours in the Aquarium. Hasn't changed since opening many years ago. Wasn't very busy either, so will it stay open. It was closed for a bit, as Noel recalls. We had a good time, all the same . . .

Diana outside entrance to the Aquarium

Diana and Noel with Aquarium behind

Up the entrance escalator with cover to feel like the inside of a whale, I think.

Fish overhead . . .

Anamatronic eagle

A real turtle

Ugly fish :)

Eagle from other side . . .

Simulated flash flood


Divers playing in the pool. For $75 you can too!

Very colorful frog

Diana in bubble into the tank.



Real . . . ghostly . . .a kinda cross between stingray and jellyfish

Closeup of ugly fish :)

Diana in another bubble

Sand shark coming by

GIANT American lobster

Anamatronic organgatan

Colorful fish

More colorful fish

Tigers - yes, real


Prowling tiger

Upside down jellyfish

Hiding fish

Colorful scene

Ad for diving

Hiding eel

Brightly colored fish

Rock fish - really



Very cool jellyfish

Floating jellys

Diana enjoying jellyfish display

Diana touching Sting Ray

Anxious Sting Ray

Yep - Squished Penny Machine! One of three . . .

Display above the restaurant

Last Squished Penny Machine at the exit :)