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Thanksgiving 2008


Diana and Noel chose a cabin in Estes Park, Colorado for this year's Thanksgiving. It was wonderful . . . light snow, hot tub, Christmas parade and our friend Stacy stopped in to join us for a board game and tubbing. We stopped at Mimi's on the way up for our Thanksgiving meal, Corn Chowder, and arrived about 2p in Estes Park. The Inn on Fall River is a marvelous place, we found, and priced nice in the off season.

Diana in front of TV and fireplace in the cabin.

Looking from dining area with Stacy loading small frig in the kitchen

Looking from front door to dining area

Look out balcony doors

Along balcony . . .

Noel near bar seating area and dining area

King size bed in seperate bedroom

Private hottub outside bedroom backdoor

Diana enjoying the bubbles

Diana and Noel in the tub

Saturday we took a drive in Rocky Mountain National Park - just a couple of miles away - and drove up to Many Curves overlook. The road is closed after that. Saw a Big Horn Sheep licking the roadway on the way back down. The Estes Park Christmas Parade of Lights was this evening. Stacy took a laptop to a coffee shop and Diana and Noel walked the length of the parade route and followed Santa back to the beginning.

Look across Moraine Valley in RMNP

Diana and a store owner and her Irish Wolfhounds

Diana giving the dogs a treat

Scuplture in the shop we admired

Santa and youngin' in front of The Old Church Shops

Kind Coffee Shop where Stacy spent the parade with a laptop

Diana and Noel in front of store on the parade route

Diana in front of "Lonigan's"

Spectators and float

. . . another . . .

Girl on float

Another float

. . . and another

Swirls of long exposure of another float

Another float

. . . more . . .

. . . .and more still . . .

Yep! Another float

Looking along Elkhorn while following the end of the parade

Along a side street

A local TV crew filming the parade

A well disguised golf cart

. . . from the rear

Must be Santa!