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Denver Parade of Lights - 2008

Diana, Harry and Noel made a wonderful evening of attending the Parade of Lights on December 6th. Parked at our favorite downtown location, the basement of the Tabor Center, and started the night with dinner at Tokoyo Joe's. Love it! Noel was in his element as at least a dozen little kids pointed or smiled or said to mom or dad, "Look, it's Santa!" The white beard while wearing a red sweater and Santa hat, along with attending the Christmas Parade get 'em every time. Noel always responds, "Be good! I'm watching and see you at the end of the parade . . . "

We found a great place to stand above the crowd along a buildings furnace exhaust. It was blowing warm air on an already balmy night. The parade got "hung up" about half way along so we started to walk the route. We ended up seeing the parade from beginning to end on a beautiful night.

Puppy waiting for it's master on a carriage along 16th St. Mall

Looking along 16th St. Mall . . .

Horse and carriage

A person powered carriage that's also available on the Mall

Diana and Noel with the lights of the Mall behind.

Diana watching a marching band in the parade.

Penguin balloon

Fire spinners (more later)

Brightly lit float

Fire spinners performing for many minutes when parade is stalled.

. . . more spinners

. . . more fire patterns

Circle of fire

Young spinner

Spinner encircled

. . . more patterns

Decorations along 15th St.

Spinner underway again . . .

Marching band after long break

Garfield afloat

Colorful float

Beautiful blue lighted float

Jack-in-the-Box float

Fully extended

Dennis the Menace

Gingerbread House

Must be Santa!