Great trip SW - December 22 - 29, 2023

Sat, Dec 23 - early morning trip across the Colorado mountains to Green River, UT

Sun, Dec 24 - around St George, UT

Wedding pic taking place I see a charging elephant. You? Diana showing her new WaffleStompers

Mon, Dec 25 - Valley of Fire and The Sphere in the evening

Noel asked them if they could read English. They got off. We entered from the north, early, and were alone. Exiting the Vegas side was a line in 1.8 miles long! Construction yard fire across from Strat

Tue, Dec 26 - Sights of Vegas and campy show "Rouge" in the evening

Wed, Dec 27 - around Vegas and Red Rocks Conservation Area

Thu, Dec 28 - St George area, Kolob Canyon and Fremont Indian State Park near Salina, UT

The Green River viewed from Tamarisk restaurant

Fri, Dec 29 - going home