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APA (American Planning Association) Convention, Philadelphia, PA in April 2007

Diana's convention in 2007 was in Philly and Noel tagged along, as usual. The weather was horrible. A nor-easter had just came into the area and it was very cold, windy and rainy. We'd planned to extend the trip into NYC but cut it all short due to weather. All-in-all a rather miserable experience. We took and APA sponsored bus tour and went to two museums. Getting to and from was very wet and cold . . .

Bus tour passes a city park (the original city design has one at each of four corners)

Artists along the parks sidewalk.

One of many sculptures under windows of several row houses.

A bar where Larry (of 3 Stooges fame) was born. Don't think it was a bar then.

A dragon sculpture-mascot outside of Drake University.

Diana and Noel outside of the Water Works (remember the board game Monopoly is based on Philly and NJ locations) along the Schuykill river.

Topper on the Water Work pavillion.

Segway tour that starts at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The front of the Philly Museum of Art (getting a face lift). Note the guy jumping from step to step with hands behind his head. This goes on daily. (see: Rocky)

I guess we didn't do whatever this is. We didn't get fined $300.

"The Kiss" sculpture in the Rodin museum. This museum was a wonderful high-point of our visit. For quite a while, we were the only one in the museum.

Our "personal" guide discussing the "Gates of Hell" - behind.

The top of the "Gates of Hell" - this is an original!

Diana next to the Rocky statue out front of the Philly Art Museum.

Artemis description in the museum.

Medieval room in the museum.

A Rubin . . .

Gate to Chinatown

Penn Landing

Diana in front of descriptive sign for the longest continuiously inhabited street.

Looking along that street.

Betsy Ross' home

Diana in front of plaque of cemetery that Ben Franklin was buried.

Ben's grave with coins that had been pitched on it.

Reading Market - a really cool indoor "farmer's market" with restaurant's too.

The liberty bell . ..

. .. but it's broken . . .

A Philly Cheesesteak cart

Constitution Hall

Cobblestone street

Diana in front of the Second National Bank - literally. Now a museum.

Diana and Noel in front of the old bank.

A new statue with Constitutional Hall in behind.

Noel in front of painting of the signing of the Constitution.

A court room in Constitution Hall where King James shield was displayed until the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Another room in Constitution Hall - the room the Declaration of Independence was signed.

We were to go to a Philly's game but was very cold and windy. This was a talk before the game and that is the Philly's mascot known as the "Phanatic".