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American Planners Convention in San Antonio, TX - April 2006

We didn't start this web log until a couple years after this convention so day to day is not available. Here's the pics . . .

Grist mill in park

Diana in front of old church

Diana on the tour bus

Boat on the San Antonio river along the walk

Diana with flower wreath

Statue in street

convention hall

Space needle outside convention center

Diana behind convention center

Diana on cement bridge sculpted like trees

Boat "float" in river parade

another "float"

and another

Diana at the Alamo

Diana at fountain in the Alamo

Diana in front of the church at the Alamo

Work being done across from the Alamo

Statue representing founders of San Antonio

Statue of founder

Across from the Alamo

Outside a mall in the 'burbs

Diana on bridge of cement trees

closer look at a cement tree

same bridge

Diana in oriental garden

Noel in the oriental garden

The oriental gardens under reconstruction

Cement tree

duck in the park

cement "tree" house