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Wellington Lake Festival 2008 - August 6-10

It probably wasn't as wet as "Duckfest" of several years back but very rainy and cold everyday. Saturday seemed to improve until the deluge hit about five o'clock and put a damper on Stone Soup for all but a few and cancelled the main event. Harry, Diana and I did enjoy a few workshops and an orienteering course, however. Noel got a new 22in drum but never got to use it. Inspiration Circle Friday was excellent, lead by Trevor, and gave us an insight into aspects of China (he and Molly had returned from China three days before). It was the trial run for our new trailer and it was great. Lot's of changes to the inside needed for organization but keep us three dry when we didn't try to get about. It pulled OK but had hoped for more than the 15mpg we got on the trip. Still more comfortable and twice the mpg of the old van. Will we return next year? Hmmmm . . .


Our camp with Harry's tent in the background that he used for a couple of nights.

Diana infront of our tables in our campsite with Pagoda and trailer in the rear.

Another angle . . . .

Molly at 080808 workshop. A sweet girl . . . and we all learned about infinity day

Trevor made us all tea . . .

Geomancy workshop shelter

Geomancy instructor - find more at www.altitudewithattitude.com

Locating a water or fire line

Placing a rock as the Master Builders did

Dragon mountain

and Wellington Lake with most of the camping on the other side

We had up to six hummingbirds at the feed at a time . . .

Harry with Noel's new drum

Kids parade with Chinesse Dragon

Squirels thinking it's spring

A wedding on Wellington Lake

in camp . . .

Stone Soup