Diana's Meals

Fried Rice

Make and frig/freeze brown basmati rice (2 1/2 rice to 6-7cup water).

fry with oil 6 - 8 eggs, add frozen mixed veggies and more oil.

add frozen rice and heat through

Tri-Color Pasta

Boil and cool pasta.

Serve with fresh avocado, cubed colby-jack cheese and I-dressing.

Maybe sunflower nuts

Rice and Salad

Hot brown basmati rice with colby-jack slightly melted in

Greens on the side to add (red and green lettuce, spinach)

I-dressing and dried cranberries and sunflower nuts

Cornmeal Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Relish

Rice Noodles and fried tofu

boil rice noodles 5min and drain very well

fry in oil Thai Tofu strips

serve in large bowl. sprinkle with Gomasao

Tofu Dog Piggies

cut in half tofu dog, slice length wise and add slice of colby jack cheese, wrap each half in one biscuit dough

wrap one inch square in dough

spread thin one biscuit, spread butter and top with brown sugar - roll into tube

bake 15m 350*F serve with sweet relish

Playa Tofu Grilled Cheese

quarter and split one tofu dog. butter 2 slices bread, fry tofu dogs in butter then fry bread, add colby-jack cheese slices and dog pieces

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup Dip

Cubed Yellow Potatoes and Carrots

mix with rosemary and oil - bake 350*F 1hr

Miso Soup