Memorial Day Weekend - 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009 - Diana and Noel's grand weekend begins in Lakewood at the Mile High Polymer Clay Guild. Diana is a member and spent a couple of hours attending some workshops and learning some new techniques. Next we scrounged a few art supply stores for close-outs and then to Boulder for the Boulder Creek Festival. We ate at our newest favorite restaurant (Cheesecake Factory) and walked up and down all the rows of vendors. A fun filled day!

Diana and Noel at the Festival

Kids dancing in front of band near the library

Sunday, May 24, 2009 - We decided to head to Nebraska for the afternoon and evening. After picking up Harry, Diana and Noel head north. We made a reservation at the Days Inn in Scottsbluff, home of the largest indoor pool in the Nebraska panhandle! We really just went for the hot tub :) Of course the most important reason for going was the Squished Penny Machine at Carhenge.

Marker to the entrance of Courthouse and Jail Rock

Courthouse and Jail Rock (never did figure out which is which)

See the climbers?

Diana and Harry walking a trail between the two monoliths

Harry looking up from a trail to the bottom of a ravine

Diana and Noel with the trails in the background

Harry learning to fly

A Mountain Man group near the Rocks

Historical plaque discussing the importance of the rocks on the Oregon Trail

Next stop is lunch in Alliance, NE

Diana and Noel with Carhenge behind

Diana and Harry on the trail to Carhenge

Other structures at Carhenge

Other structures

The entry to Carhenge

A poem on another "car"

Summer, fall, spring and winter as inspired by Vivaldi


A time capsule ready in 2044

Harry in front a part on Carhenge

Harry closer

Diana alongside another car structure

Diana and Noel posing

On down the road we find Chimney Rock with mules in the front

Entry to Scottsbluff National Monument

Looking along one of the arms of Scotts Bluff NM

Moss on top of the bluff

Look down from the top to a river and winding road below

Diana and Noel with the city of Scottsbluff behind

Leaving Scotts Bluff National Monument

Monday, May 25, 2009 - Just back to Johnstown today but saw some interesting birds and formations . . . A happy weekend for all.

The swallows didn't like being disturbed

See the similarity?

The birds just wouldn't stay away :)