July 1st, 2013, I made a decision to "be healthier". I said, of my health, most of my adult life, that I was "exercising my body from the inside" until mid-age. At this point, I will have to live until 116 to fulfill this prediction. That day I began a Low-Carb High-Fat diet. Keto, Atkins and other names are given to it, as well. To this, as with all things in my life, I'm making my own adjustments to the traditional outlines for these diets. In part, the goal of this log is to describe my method of executing the diet in hopes of helping others. It's now 12 days into the change and I've lost 8lbs. Yay!

In 2005 I worked at losing weight, successfully, by drinking a Green Tea Magic Fruit mixture and walking at least two hour a day. My lowest weight, after losing about 50lbs, was 225lbs. I managed, over these past eight years, to ease up to a max of 320lbs. At the beginning of 2013 I quit drinking Coca-Cola. I drank about a gallon of Coke a day. I quit, largely, because of my addiction (severe headaches without it) to it. I drank non-caffeinated sodas for a while and by March stopped those too. I expected a weight loss from that alone, and over the first six months of 2013 I lost a total of 15lbs. Not quite fast enough, really. In April I was diagnosed with diabetes and tried daily meds to manage it. One drug, Jeneva, helps a lot but doesn't get me those last 20 or so points off the glucose meter I want/need. The more commonly used drug makes me very tired so isn't an option. Therefor I must lose weight to get where I need to be. This story, I think, is familiar to many so here; I hope, is the description of how I returned to health and lived to 120. . .

In most simplistic terms, Keto is short for Ketogenic, an established procedure for eliminating sugar to the brain (to reduce seizures in children) and the body substitutes ketone (a liver produced biochemical) for its energy source. The side effect is the body uses body fat for this and, therefore, I'll lose weight. The second part of the diet is high fat. That is a misnomer as it's only high intake of "natural" fats, especially animal fats. The theory here is threefold. First, the simple fats are never stored in the body and, therefore, body fat is used to create ketone. Second, the eating of this fat gives one something tolerable to eat. Third, the combination is believed to raise metabolism - This one is the most sketchy, I think. That's a very simplistic explanation . . . Additional info at links below.

One advantage of this diet, over others I'd tried, is I can eat, within the listed foods, all I want. I'm not keeping a list daily of what I do eat but am certain I'm eating less quantity and less calories. That is a known attribute of the diet, too (that it seems to lessen one's appetite). The biggest negatives, beyond the obvious (no bread or pasta) is that beer is just liquid bread. I don't drink a lot but did like to test a different craft beer about once a week. I won't quit this but maybe stick to special occasions. Dry red wine is a very low card alcoholic alternative I'll try, too. I spent years, between exploring foreign beers and the boom of American micro-breweries, sampling (mostly red) wines. Perhaps I'll return . . .

Now, July 14th, a bigger variety of foods is on my radar. I've replicated some of my favorite "before" dishes but in a lchf form. Pizza, Wraps, Peanut Butter, Cheeseburgers and added some new things. Oh, and a faux-margarita that is a reasonable substitute.

Now it's mid-Septemper, after a week in the desert, in which I lost 8 pounds that week alone. However, I've nearly plateud so need to add more, more rigourous exercise. We'll see. My goal would require me losing another 15 pounds in the next two weeks. Not likely . . . Oh, for those of you that have read this far, I'm posting

Late October and I've serverly platued. Steady in low 280's for several weeks. I've tried to pickup treadmill but am sore for days afterwards. I'll keep at it, slowly, and hope the pain reduces soon. I've eliminated one of my diebetes drugs and still have a much higher energy level than before I change my eating habits. I've done a lot more research and believe more and more in the theory. I plan to eat this way the balance of my days and think we all should. This is my only pulpit, however.

Groundhog's Day, 2014 - I've not kept as low card as I should but losing little by little. More importantly I've stopped my Simvastatin for 3 months now. My cholestrol is find, except for the LCH is not as good as I'd like. I'm planning on get a VAR lipid test in April to test for cholesterol size. My A1C has continued to decline but need to lower a couple more tenths to feel it's OK. I think when I lose the final 50lbs all of this will come align. I'm making lchf bread, lchf pizza, lchf meatloaf weekly. Lots of cooking, much less eating out...and we feel good!